Home to the Etruscan civilization, cradle of the Italian culture, this is the region where the pure Italian language was born and is spoken.

In the Middle Ages, thanks to rich families, many artists, architects and men of science were sponsored, thus generating the historical period named the Renaissance. As a fortunate consequence, 80% of Italian art is concentrated in Tuscany and not only in the big cities but spread out all over the region! Not only poets and artists, but also economists, traders, statesmen, and explorers were born in Tuscany.

The tradition of Culture is continued in modern days by the universities of Florence, Siena and Pisa, which are among the most prestigious Italian universities with three Nobel prizes among their alumni and a National Centre of Research.

Famous for its tourism and shipyard industry, Viareggio is an ecletic, elegant town of 60.000 inhabitants located in an area of the northern Tuscan coast named Riviera della Versilia”. Renowned worldwide for its beautiful liberty style promenade and its sandy beaches, Viareggio attracts millions of tourists throughout the year because of the mild temperatures, its famous Carnival and the Giacomo Puccini Opera Festival.

Only 20 Kms away from the international airport of Pisa and the Leaning Tower,Viareggio is the ideal place to enjoy all the delights of this enchanting region. Long golden beaches, rocky coasts, islands, the lake loved by Giacomo Puccini, the mountains where Michelangelo used to choose the white marble for his masterpieces, the gentle green hills with archeological sites, parish churches and medieval villages: all this and much more can be discovered through our social activities organised in the afternoon and during the weekend.